Monday, August 25, 2008

Wayne Allyn Root's Foreign Policy

The web site Jewish Exponent has an article about Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate - and never-ending embarrassment to the party - Wayne Allyn Root. This is amusing because the site talks about Root's Jewish roots and Jewish upbringing, but never mentions that Root has since converted to evangelical Christianity, and now calls himself a "completed Jew" (I'm sure Jewish people love the implication that their faith is incomplete). But the Jewish Exponent article is still worth reading, since it sheds some light on Root's foreign policy beliefs.

On Iraq, Root says he supported the troop surge. On other occasions, he has said that he doesn't want the Iraq war to end.

On Afghanistan, he wants to "do the same thing," with a troop surge there, too.

On Israel, Root calls himself "as pro-Israel as any human being in the world can possibly be," and says that the U.S. should strengthen its alliance with Israel. "You don't abandon your friends."

On Mexico, Root wants to deploy the U.S. military to the border so that it can shoot at people who want to come and work in menial jobs in this country.

Bonus Root foreign policy position: On France, Root told an interviewer two months ago that "I usually hate France." Why, because the French didn't support this disastrous war?

Tell me again, why did this guy leave the Republican Party?


Matt said...

Very interesting blog. I'm still on the fence regarding Obama/Barr/NOTA, but you make some intriguing points. And while I may lean libertarian on many issues, Root in no way represents my values.

Gary said...

This Jew for one, does not consider himself "incomplete"

Anonymous said...

Wayne Allen Root has a foreign policy? This guy doesn't even have a winning gambling philosophy. He said that his odds of becoming president are 1 in 50 on TV. He doesn't have a clue.

Tin Can said...

The only reason Wayne Allyn Root left the GOP was because of some stupid online gamlbing ban that affected his livelihood somehow. I don't trust him all that much.