Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ron Paul Supporters Like Obama

Forget about the haters - the libertarians who call Barack Obama a Marxist, or start websites telling Ron Paul supporters that they'd better line up behind John McCain. Plenty of libertarians, it turns out, support Obama. More evidence from today: an Associated Press story about how supporters of Paul and Mick Huckabee plan on voting in November.

Some stats from the story:
- In June, 18 percent of people who had visited Paul's web site before John McCain clinched the nomination read at least one major conservative blog while 22 percent read at least one major liberal blog. Could it be because liberal bloggers tend to agree with Paul on the issue most important to him, reining in the American empire?
- Six percent of these people went to McCain's web site and 8 percent to Obama's. Could it be because Obama agrees with Paul on both the war and Paul's second favorite issue, sound money?
- These small numbers aren't just noise. The same data show Huckabee's supporters going strongly for McCain.

Ron Paul has asked his supporters not to vote for him. I would bet that at least a few of them will be pulling the lever for Obama in November.


Anonymous said...


No 'libertarian' supports ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT or the UN, or the CFR, or the Rockefellers, the Federal Reserve, socialized medicine, higher taxes, global warming taxes, forced service, and all the other Marxist CRAP that Obama would impose upon us.....

IF they are Obamatards, and think they are libertarians, they have no clue what a libertarian really is.

This is not hating, it's the FACTS about Obama that true libertarians would NEVER support.

Wesley Useche said...

Obama has nice policies, change, and a nice ass. I'd totally vote for him after I fuck him. Hope I can fuck him....



Raditude said...

There's no way anyone who supports the Ron Paul Policies would ever vote for Barrack Obama. Their policies are completely opposite.

Mark said...

I see that I've been getting traffic from a link on Welcome to the site.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. Just like any Ron Paul supporters that support Obama. They're political standpoints are on completely polar ends of the spectrum.