Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Libertarians for Obama in the News

Alex Tabarrok makes the case at Marginal Revolution.

"With war has come FEAR, magnified many times over by the governing party. Fear is pulling Americans into the arms of the state. If only we were better at resisting. Alas, we Americans say that we love liberty but we are fair-weather lovers. Liberty will flourish only with peace."

Co-blogger Tyler Cowen agrees.

"In my view the current priority is avoiding a war with Iran," he writes in the comments of Tabarrok's post.

Even the New York Times acknowledges the libertarian movement toward Obama with a post on its Opinionator blog.


Eric Dondero said...

Please explain how support for Islamo-Fascism is consistent with libertarian ideals?

Islamo-Fascists want to outlaw all drugs including marijuana, stone prostitutes, cut off the genitals of Gays, cut off the heads of adulterous women, ban free speech critical of Muhammed, and get rid of all booze and gambling.

Is that "libertarian"?

The only true libertarian stance is to stand up for civil liberties, and fight back against the Radical Islamic onslaught.

McCain and Palin are commited to that fight. Obama supports only appeasement, and ultimately surrender to Islamo-Fascism.

Mark said...

Are you saying that Obama wants Islamic law in American? I must have missed that speech. In fact, I must have missed all of the speeches when he supported tougher penalties for drug users, fewer rights for gays and the banning of books. But I have seen John McCain and Sarah Palin support those things.

Hrafn said...

Wow, I seem to have missed a lot of Obama's talking points at some point. You'd think this kind of thing would be all over the media, instead of the dishonest and dishonorable "lipstick on a pig" nonsense we are currently embroiled in.

Eric Dondero said...

Yes, I am saying Obama wants Islamic Sharia Law in the United States. Absolutely.

Look at his ties with murderous thug Islamic extremist Raila Odinga in Kenya. Obama's brother is a top Lt. in Odinga's klan. Odinga is responsible for the brutal murders of thousands of Kenyans post-election last year. And Obama campaigned for the guy, right by his side in 2006.

But of course, the Socialist-biased media hasn't even mentioned Obama's ties to this Islamo-Fascist Dictator.

Anonymous said...

there are lots of holes in your argument eric but heres just one. raila odinga is an anglican not a moslem.

Mark said...

Anonymous has a good point, Eric. Why would an Anglican (source: support Islamic extremism?

I don't doubt that your conspiracy theory includes an answer to this question, I'd just like to hear it.