Friday, June 27, 2008

Barr Attacks Obama for Being More Libertarian on Immigration

An excerpt from the Bob Barr mailer posted below: "During my time in Congress, I was a strong advocate of border security. For four years in a row, I voted to authorize the use of the military to assist in border control efforts." The entire thing is posted on Third Party Watch.

This guy claims to be a libertarian?

Contrast Barr's militarize-the-border approach to the Libertarian Party's stance on the issue: "We can spend billions more to beef up border patrols. We can erect hundreds of miles of ugly fence slicing through private property along the Rio Grande. We can raid more discount stores and chicken-processing plants from coast to coast. We can require all Americans to carry a national ID card and seek approval from a government computer before starting a new job.

"Or we can change our immigration law to more closely conform to how millions of normal people actually live.

"Crossing an international border to support your family and pursue dreams of a better life is not an inherently criminal act like rape or robbery. If it were, then most of us descend from criminals."

Barr's letter (I've trimmed it a bit for space):

John McCain and Barack Obama Plan To Bring Back “COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM

From The Desk of Rep. Bob Barr

Dear Friend and Fellow American,

We’re facing a “new” crisis: BORDER SECURITY.

But really, this is the same crisis we faced last year at this time, when Senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy tried to push their “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” bill on us—supported by Senator Barack Obama!

The American people were able to STOP the McCain-Kennedy bill—but will we be able to stop PRESIDENT McCain (or PRESIDENT Obama) from pushing it through again?

We need to send a strong message to both the Republicans AND the Democrats, to let them know that WE MEAN BUSINESS when it comes to securing the border!

A lack of border security allows foreign criminals, carriers of communicable diseases, terrorists and other potential threats to enter the country unchecked. We must be aggressive in securing our borders while also fighting the big-government “nanny state” that seeks to coddle even those capable of providing for their own personal prosperity.


We don’t need McCain’s OR Obama’s “comprehensive immigration reform” bills. What we DO need is to secure our borders NOW. The fact is, our government doesn’t HAVE an immigration policy right now—one day they want to build a fence, the next day they want to build a “virtual” fence. It changes daily, and it’s ineffective. What we need is simple: Let’s go back to how we USED to do it, when we had a REAL border. If people want to enter America, we require them to come through a checkpoint, check that their health is not dangerous to our citizens, and that they have a legitimate ID.


During my time in Congress, I was a strong advocate of border security. For four years in a row, I voted to authorize the use of the military to assist in border control efforts. Our overworked, understaffed Border Patrol Agents need all the help they can get, and I voted to send them that help in preventing the entry of terrorists and criminals into the United States.

Don’t the voters in America deserve the chance to vote for a candidate that will secure our border?


I believe that you share my concern about our dangerous lack of border security. I believe that you agree that this is a national security crisis. And I believe that, like me, you want to send a strong message to the politicians who have been pandering to the supporters of compromised security for too long now. The best way to do that today is by helping to get me on every state ballot, so that I can challenge the Washington “status quo” on illegal immigration and border security. CLICK HERE to donate now.

I’m not asking you to vote for me right now. I’m just asking you to help me send a strong message to BOTH the Republicans and Democrats, that the American people are sick and tired of politicians playing games with the national security of the United States.

Help me to turn things around in this presidential campaign, and put the focus back where it should be—on America.


Bob Barr
Presidential Nominee
United States Libertarian Party


Brett @ ReclaimYourRepublic said...

Perhaps you should check the official position on the website in regard to this issue. I recall similar statements being linked to Ron Paul’s campaign as well. This seems to be a common tactic for those who oppose the message that the pro-liberty candidates are conveying. If you make things look official enough, people who do no research will just run with the story.

Mark said...

I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to say, Brett. I posted both Barr's thoughts about immigration and the LP's position on the issue. What do you think I'm ignoring here?

I don't know how opposition to immigration is "pro liberty," even if some libertarians, including Ron Paul, take that position. This is an issue on which I agree with the LP, most libertarians and Barack Obama, not Barr or Paul.

Brett @ ReclaimYourRepublic said...


I am saying that perhaps what you read did not actually come from the campaign, but rather a group trying to villify Bob Barr, like they did with Ron Paul. After having spoken with Bob in person about this issue, I find it hard to believe that there is official campaign literature that contradicts his position.


Mark said...

I'm still not sure I understand your position, Brett. The mailer I quoted was posted on ThirdPartyWatch, a blog owned by Barr supporter Richard Viguerie. I haven't seen anyone but you claim that it's not genuine.

As for "official campaign literature that contradicts his position" - you're right, there isn't any. Opposition to immigration has long been a central tenet of Barr's candidacy. He doesn't try to hide it. I've made several posts in the past linking to articles he's written that attack immigration. Barr is contradicting the Libertarian Party position, not his own campaign's position.