Sunday, April 20, 2008

Camille Paglia: Why Feminists Should Vote for Obama Over Clinton

"Radical '60s libertarian" and individualist feminist Camille Paglia explains in an article in the London Telegraph why feminists shouldn't support Hillary Clinton. Then she endorses Obama. Worth a read. Did you know, for example, that Clinton failed the D.C. bar exam? Or that, as Paglia writes, "Even Hillary's eye colour is fake: she wears blue contact lenses"?

An excerpt:

"The argument, therefore, that Hillary's candidacy marks the zenith of modern feminism is specious. Feminism is not well served by her surrogates' constant tactic of attributing all opposition to her as a function of entrenched sexism. Well into her second term as a US Senator, Hillary lacks a single example of major legislative achievement. Her career has consisted of fundraising, meet-and-greets and speeches around the world expressing support for women's rights."

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