Thursday, March 20, 2008

Libertarians and the Anti-Government Reverand Wright

A lot of the people commenting on Reason's blog about Barack Obama's pastor, Jeremiah Wright, are furious that Obama could attend the church of someone with such fringe views. First of all: how can the type of libertarians who read Reason criticize anyone for having fringe views? More importantly, how can they criticize someone for having views that are, at their heart, anti-government? Wright doesn't slam white people for keeping black people down, he slams the U.S. government. Read some of his most controversial quotes here.

They generally fall into two categories: The U.S. government has killed foreigners by waging wars of aggression and getting involved in foreign conflicts. And the U.S. government has trampled on the rights of minorities, especially blacks.

Wright often expresses these sentiments in in-artful and intemperate language, but their underlying sentiments are thoroughly libertarian. And generally backed up by facts.

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mccainhater said...

I've always been of the opinion that John Mccain was not fit to be president. He's a hot head and a war monger. I didn't vote for obama in my primary but if this is the only competition - 8 more yeasr of war and waste - then maybe the kid wouldn't be so bad after all.